Business Services

I do a lot with a little.

Design Services
Logo Design
Design time and file deliverables vary. Trust that you will receive every file type you need to run your business with detailed information about what each file type is for and how they should be used.
Business Cards
Premium Cards
Includes design of card front/back and artwork separations. 50 Count with options that include spot gloss, foil, and letterpress. These are what you want when you really need to make an impression.
High Quality Cards  
Includes design of cards front/back and 1000 Count high quality cards. These are the cards you hand out in bulk. 
Brand Guide
Includes design and production of brand guidelines so that your organization can maintain a unified voice throughout your advertising, branding, and marketing. You will receive a digital copy as well as a hard cover printed version.
Web Design
Includes Assessment, Planning, Design, and building SEO rich pages from the start.
Hourly Rate
 Services rate is $75 per hour.
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