Pepsi spent a refreshing 1M In 2009 to have their logo redesigned...again. The differences were minimal. The internet almost broke as designers everywhere uploaded better logo variants faster than you can pop the top on a can of Pepsi. Refresh your independence with the all new 2010 Pepsi logo. It comes standard with better design rational and a contemporary feel that resonates with Pepsi's target demographic. I made the decision to embrace and emphasize the differences between Pepsi and their major competitor.  If C***C*** is a script with each letter connected—Pepsi is angular with intricate little pieces that represent all of the independent bottlers , people, and cultures coming together. If the past was a circle the future is a coat of arms or flag. A mark to state your independence and reluctance to do things the way they have always been done. The new Pepsi flag vanguards the way to refreshing independance.
ART DIRECTION| Nicholas Postema  SOFTWARE| Illustrator, Lightroom, Photoshop
KCAD | Kendall College of Art + Design (2010)   Advanced Branding| Kurt Dietsch
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